Do you ever have questions about spirituality that you can’t ask the regular world? Have you read about “awakening” or “consciousness” and it’s really hard to understand? Do you think you’re becoming “aware of your awareness” and you’re not sure how to use this in your regular daily life?

It’s very confusing when you become awakened until you can be grounded and practice. This is your chance to be with others who feel similar to you, and to share your experiences in a compassionate and curious environment. No one can ever know these answers for sure, but we can listen to each other's experiences and learn together.

Hosted by Emily Gillies and Jayde Wallin

No one knows what this is like until they’ve gone through it, and we both have. We know how strange it is. This is your chance to hang out and voice the questions on your mind.

We look forward to helping you land on answers that feel right for you. We welcome all experiences and beliefs of spirituality no matter where you are or where have been on your journey. We believe every person is unique, yet headed in the same direction.

With no preachings or teachings, we will merely hold space for open conversation on the topic of spiritual awakenings. However life looks for you, we believe you have your own answers inside. Let us encourage you and provide witness as you put voice to your own understandings.

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Emily is a Circle Way Practitioner and has studied the ever-deepening rabbit hole that is the rich concept of Holding Space. Complexity is welcome as we speak with intention and listen with attention.

Expect to:

  • sit together in exploratory conversation
  • practice light yoga
  • enjoy a simple and nourishing meal
  • relax in nature
  • dabble with creative art exercises
  • learn from each other
  • take home lists of helpful tools and
  • journal prompts
    to continue assisting your transformation.

Bring a sense of play and openness, and be ready to receive what you need to support you on this “trip of a lifetime."

Cost for this day event is $125-150 on sliding scale.
To register call/text Emily @ 306-421-6162

Payment may be made with etransfer to
password: conversation
Or tickets can be purchased with cash at Soul Hideout in Estevan