Join Emily Gillies, Circle Way Practitioner & Holding Space Facilitator and Preston Dumaine of Warrior Girl Healing for this very special day to connect with your young child / children! In this relaxing, expansive, gorgeous space we will learn very simple mindfulness techniques that are easy and fun for young kids and interesting for adults!

Children are naturally drawn to connect, share and experience the fullness of life. They are uninhibited in their actions and in tune with their feelings. While this causes stress (the terrible two's are named that for a reason!) it's also a path to freedom and connection if we adults can take the time to understand our child's reaction. Emily and Preston have professional experience + huge passions for combining mindfulness techniques with children's development. It's such an exciting opportunity to share this with parents!

Based on "The Four Pillars of Mindfulness" - Truth, Beauty, Service & Creativity our day will include activities such as
~exploring nature
~dipping our toes in the lake
~making crafts
~body expression
~auditory & sensory play
~bonding and touch exercises
~healthy, home-cooked lunch

This offering is divided into 2 days. You are invited to come for only 1 or both. It's also ok to come/go at times that work best for your family's routines but you may miss programming (juggling naps is totally understandable!). Lunch is served @ 12:00 each day.

Monday July 29 : 9:30am - 1:00pm - this day is focused on babies - age 5 (but all ages welcome)

Tuesday July 30 : 9:30am - 4:00pm - this day is focused on kids age 4 - 8 (but all ages welcome)

Cost is suggested $49-99 per family on sliding scale. This flexible payment option allows you to pay any amount within those guidelines according to your intentions and financial circumstances. Please ask if this method of pricing is unfamiliar to you. We are happy to explain and offer suggestions.

Pre-registration encouraged but not required:
Private FB Message: The Four Pillars
Call/text: 306-421-6162
Etransfer payment to:

Deepen your connection and learn easy tools that can serve your parenting relationship for years to come. Create new patterns or reinforce good habits by practicing intentional listening, speaking and observing. All within an environment of openness, acceptance, compassion and curiosity. Programming is accessible to all regardless of mindfulness experience. Parents are to remain with and supervise child(ren) for event. Please share this info with friends or family who may be interested. We look forward to welcoming you!

Young Children