*****Special announcement for our Kids Camp this summer: Early Bird pricing has been held over! To help make this a successful first year of programming we want the costs to be accessible to more people.

Now you can register your child(ren) at the lower rate of $445 plus taxes - remember there is a 25% sibling discount!

We are so excited for the kids already signed up and we look forward to welcoming more! 


Boys and girls ages 9-13 are welcome to join us at Estevan's new mindfulness retreat centre for a one-of-a-kind Children's Summer Camp! Includes overnight accommodations, trained staff, healthy meals and fun programming based on "The Four Pillars" ~ Creativity, Truth, Beauty and Service. We will practice simple mindfulness techniques to help lower anxiety, learn how to calm and centre, and build self-confidence.

Classrooms and school curriculums are including mindfulness and mindset teachings. Why? Because it's more important to teach kids HOW to think that just telling them WHAT to think. The skills of self-inquiry, curiosity and reflection have life-long results. Self-awareness is a powerful tool to overcome / prevent anxiety, depression, addiction, etc , and it's never too early to learn. This camp aims to teach these concepts in a fun and pressure-free atmosphere.

By focusing on "The Four Pillars" we will practice
**Mindfulness with Self (Beauty)
**Creative and Body Expression (Creativity)
**Openness and Kindness Towards Others (Service)
**Goal-Setting / Listening to Intuition as age appropriate (Truth)

Campers can expect to:
~Connect to nature with swimming, hiking and learning about the prairie
~Be supported to make their own decisions as much as possible
~Feel great by eating healthy, home cooked food
~Move their bodies in new ways
~Be encouraged to express their own viewpoints
~Do artwork and simple creative exercises
~Learn about how our minds and bodies are connected
~Make new friends
~Learn how to slow down and relax
~Take a break from screens and games
~Enjoy a calm, open and compassionate environment

The hosts for this 3 night / 4 day event have been specially selected for their own personal and professional experience with mindfulness. 

EARLY BIRD rate is ongoing: $445 ($483.25 w tax)

additional child(ren) of same family may attend at lower rate-
$362.81 (total w tax)

To register, please submit this Registration Form to hello@thefourpillars.ca

Email: hello@thefourpillars.ca
Call/text 306-421-6162
Send etransfer to: hello@thefourpillars

Scholarships may be available; please inquire.

Note: overnight stay is optional. The focus of this programming is to inquire, encourage and celebrate our own preferences. If your child is more comfortable going home at night and returning in the morning that is absolutely fine. They can take it a day at a time if that suits your family.

Note: age guidelines are only a recommendation. If your 8 year old is mature and ready for intentional conversation, that is great. If your 14 year is comfortable in community with younger kids, that's great too. Please don't let age be barrier if you feel your child would benefit from this programming. Inquire if you'd like to discuss further.