Our Vision


Do you believe your soul is here with a divine assignment?  Cool, I sometimes think that too.   Do you assume there's a higher power that makes the plans and we're here to accept what we're given?  Those are interesting conversations to have.  Do you imagine a watchful deity that is keeping track of our sins in a shameful plus/minus chart?  I hope not but if you are I understand because I learned that once too.  Do you think you're here to co-create your beautiful life with the assistance and love of the universe?  High fives, me too.  Do you have another way of being in relationship with spirit?  I  would love to hear more about that. Do you think we're just a blip of this human life and then that's it? I love those discussions.  Do you prefer to keep your spiritual beliefs to yourself? That's totally cool.  Do you not think about this stuff too deeply, and just try to  enjoy each day as it comes?  That's awesome too.

But it doesn't matter what I think - it matters what you think!  That's the point of spiritual exploration!  We each have our own inner terrain to explore. We're all figuring out the answers that work for us.  And heck, no one has any actual answers anyway - it's all just guessing when it comes right down to it!  And our beliefs shift over time, so what felt true at one stage of life can change drastically later on.   The point is to remain curious, open, and in tune with your own heart's messages. 

These conversations can happen at The Four Pillars, where you can have space to consider these things on your own or chat about it with others.  Any and all understandings of God/ Goddess/ Spirit/ the Universe /the Divine / Mother Earth/etc have merit and are worth exploring.  In an accepting and compassionate environment we can learn from each other.  Being different isn't a bad thing- it's actually the healthiest.  Just yesterday CBC news was talking about biodiversity in nature for the health of our planet -  how about spiritual diversity for the health of our relationships!

There's a lot of excitement and energy around this unfolding work. My heartfelt wish is that these opportunities offer support for your mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical health.  I truly believe we all have our own answers inside, and I'm honoured to share this space of exploration with you.

With love,

The Four Pillars of Mindfulness

To open one's own window to the soul by      expressing Creativity

To recognize and appreciate Beauty in all of our surroundings

To freely give and receive through loving acts of Service

To speak and experience Truth in                thought, word and action

Thanks for being here!

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